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Academy and Botanical Park

Most of the inhabitants of medieval Banska Stiavnica was busy at work in the mines. Local mines were very extensive. Probably as a result of development ore were affected by ground water that suddenly flooded most underground corridors. The Imperial court in Vienna could accept the loss of the mines, bringing to the Treasury a huge income, but could something be done to eliminate this trouble. On the problem of pumping water worked engineers M. K. Gell and S. Mikoviny and created specially for these purposes the first technical University in the world - Stiavnica Mining Academy. It was opened by a special decree of Empress Maria Theresa in 1762. Came here for training from different parts of Europe. Professionals graduated from the Academy in banská štiavnica, was considered the best masters of their craft and were involved in mining and forestry in almost every European country.

The complex of Forest and Mining Academy consists of 11 buildings that were used for various needs of high school, for example, served as laboratories. They have been used since the mid XVIII to the early XX century, when the Academy was transferred to Sopron. In 1961, this complex of buildings was included in the list of cultural monuments of UNESCO.

The Mountain Academy is adjacent Botanical garden, which was laid in the mid-nineteenth century. Under the guidance of experts, who taught at the Academy, adjacent to academic buildings areas were planted about 200 specimens of plants brought from other countries. Among them, particularly noteworthy, Lebanese cedar, Redwood and some other exotic trees. The Botanical garden is open for visits throughout the year.