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The Alley Of Famous Noses

Slightly higher Stefanikovo square, on the street Kollarova, in the yard behind the home of Jan Bella, which now houses the Museum of kitsch, there is a unique place, which is considered one of the city's attractions. This is the Alley of Famous noses, more like a small lane. It was opened on 24 the festival of humor "Kremnica gags" in 2004. Since then, during this festival every year, the exhibition Alley updated with new copies - copies of the noses of famous people of Slovak artists, actors - all creative professionals, who give people joy and good mood. All exhibits are placed on stone wall and signed. New nose opens ceremonially with a large gathering of people, and this event is widely covered in Newspapers and is considered one of the city's major news.

The author of the original ideas of the Alley by Roman Vymysly. The first relief, which began the glory alley of Famous noses, is the nose of Julius Satinsky. Here you can also see sculptural images of the faces of Yaroslav Philip, Stanislav Radic, Mariana Kosinskogo, Katarina Salnikovoy, Josef Kroner, Marian Sudnikovich and others. All 16 of the reliefs in the Alley of Famous noses belong to the authorship of the venerable local sculptors or graduates from art school in Kremnica.

Notice the small noses on the stone masonry walls is difficult. However, visitors purposefully looking for this area of Bellovin home expecting for unique, fun photos.