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Alžbětín house

On a small hill right in the centre Smolnica is the historic building known as Alžbětín house. In the list of national cultural monuments he is listed coaching Inn, dated to the first half of the nineteenth century. Right in front of him is a large car Park, which offers a great view of the whole village.

This building is a witness of the former glory of the once prosperous city of Smolnik, which is now a small village. It was built at a time when Smolnica, which was considered an important centre for the extraction of minerals mining and the manufacture of tobacco products, was known throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Inn began to build in 1828 - coincidentally in the same year closed Smolnicki mint. The construction was completed very quickly: a year later the hotel was ready to receive its first guests. Initially a coaching Inn called "the Black eagle". The building served briefly as a theater, or rather, a well-known professional Platinovy theatre rented a room in the "Black eagle" for his ideas. Is set rotating stage, where he took all the performances. At the end of the nineteenth century the theatre moved to new premises, so the Inn was expanded.

Currently in Alžbětín, the house opened a trendy restaurant. Hotel services are not available.

The structure is still preserved theater room. From the lobby with Prussian vaults you can go to the reception hall. Alzbetiny the house there is a building of a smaller size. Previously, there was the stables where the care of the horses of the guests and repaired buggies and carriages. In the past the area was surrounded by a stone wall that our time is not preserved.

At the foot of the hill, opposite the local government, is the entrance to the dungeons Algarinejo home. Through him straight to the cellars of the coaching Inn delivered products.