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Archaeological complex of Slaughterhouses

On the territory of the village of Boyne, which is 49 km from the capital of the region of Nitra Nitra 800 to 920 years, there was an agglomeration of three fortified settlements, which disappeared from the face of the Earth in the attack of the enemy. A large number of artifacts found is proof that the Massacre was the residence of the local princely family. Here was discovered, for example, molded bells, jewelry, thousands of forged items: spears, arrows, tools of peasants and artisans.

The largest settlement is located in territory in 12 hectares. Most of his fortifications appeared, most likely in the year 894, the year of the death of king Svatopluk, when Slavic tribes felt not so confident as in the old days. The discovery of ancient FORTS in the Massacre refuted the hypothesis that Nitra was the only fortified settlement in Slovakia IX century.

Archaeological complex of Carnage known as the fact that here found gold plated plaque (medal) of the IX century, which probably adorned a portable altar. Historians believe that one of the inscriptions on them may mean the phrase "I believe in God" and another mentioned the Archangel Michael.

On the excavation of the Tumblers you can see a lot of objects. Partially exempt from land ramparts whose height reaches 8-10 meters, the remains of the entrance gate, the foundations of residential buildings, where the outlines of the furnaces of the time. With the artifacts found here can be found in the Archaeological Museum of the village of Boyne.