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Archaeological monument Ducove-Kostelec

Archaeological monument Ducove-Kostelec is located above the village of Ducove, which is 7 km North-East of Piestany. It is considered to be a branch of the Balneological Museum in Piestany.

Kostolec is a settlement founded during the Neolithic in the mountains Považský Inovec. Ancient settlement received its name from a rocky headland with a height of 240 m above sea level, on which it is located. The ancient city was built in a strategically important location - close to major roads of antiquity, in particular around považská branches of the Great amber road, connecting the North and the South of Europe.

The history of this village became more clear after the archaeological excavations at Cape Kostolec in 1968-1972 and 1975. Scientists have discovered the remains of settlements, founded in the Neolithic and a fortified settlement dated to the early bronze age. However, the most important local discovery is the identification of a fortress built in the period of the Empire of Great Moravia. This fortification was surrounded by a massive fence and is divided into three sectors: on the East side there were two log buildings in Central was only one building, and in the South were found the remains of a smaller Church - the rotunda. Adjacent to it was a small cemetery, where were buried the IX-X centuries, and a large necropolis, used from the last quarter of the X century till the beginning of XIX century.

In 1977-1978 this hill Fort is partially reconstructed based on clues archaeologists. The area Ducove-Kostelec is now a national historic landmark.