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The archeological Park Havranok

On the shore of the lake liptovská Mara, on the Eastern slope of the hill, Ulozisko, at the height of 741,7 meters above sea level, just 2.9 km from Bešeňová, allowing you to go on foot, located the archeological Park Havranok, the territory of which the rebuilt Celtic village first century BCE, the Place for its location was not chosen by chance: archeologists found here the Celtic settlement with a druid sanctuary.

In addition to the remnants of residential buildings, was discovered a sacrificial pit with altar and gifts, paths paved with stones and decorated with columns of Celtic imitations of ancient coins. From the XII to the XV century it was occupied Slavic village, and later was built a medieval wooden castle, a fortified fence with a tower and a moat. When the castle fell into disrepair, in its place built a brick Church. Havranok is a settlement whose story begins in the iron age (Puhovskaja culture) and ends the Middle ages.

All the buildings, among which particularly noteworthy is the original fortification system, with stone walls, a wooden palisade and entrance gate, the estate, the place of sacrifice, some outbuildings, became part of the archaeological Museum under the open sky, which in 1967 was declared a cultural monument of Slovakia. In wooden houses displays tools and household items. They can not only see but also to hold in your hands.

Part of the archaeological Park is also a medieval tower of the Church of the virgin Mary, built in the XII century. On the ground floor there is an exhibition dedicated to the millennial history of the Liptov region.