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Aspremont summer Palace

Impressive two-story Aspremont summer Palace appeared to the East of the historical centre of Bratislava in 1770 and became one of the many villas that were built then outside the city as summer residences. Entourage of the Empress Maria Theresa preferred to leave the warm time of the year noisy and dusty city and move in graceful palaces surrounded by green parks. However call of duty is not allowed to go far from the city, and that has become a suburb of Bratislava in the district of country mansions.

Summer Palace, located on Szpitalna street Medical garden, was named Aspromonte by the name of the owner of the mansion of count Jan Nepomuk Roberta d Aspremont-Linden. He has allocated huge amount for the construction of a private residence. The author of the project of the Baroque Palace was a famous architect Johann Josef Talker. Then around the mansion was broken with a magnificent Baroque garden. In 1781 the Palace and Park complex got a family of Esterhazy. Representatives of this genus had a reconstruction of the garden, turning it into cute, well-maintained green oasis, where grew a rare species of flowers from around the world. Currently, the Palace Park is public, and the mansion belongs to Comenius University. Here is the Dean's office and classrooms of the medical faculty.

The main facade of the Palace facing Medical garden. The interiors of the mansion were decorated in the opulent style of Louis XVI. Some details are still preserved. Esperantologio in the main hall of the summer Palace, which is now used for meetings of the Academic Council of the faculty, you can see the moldings in the form of Laurel wreaths, plant garlands and medallions. It is located on the perimeter of the dome room.

Still at the Palace there is a Holy cross chapel, which was created in the style of the late Baroque. It immediately attracts the attention of a massive altar, made of red and white marble.