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Babuskov house

Luxury house in the center of Zilina, set in 1897 in the art Nouveau style, belonged to the family Babushkoy. It was in honor of its first owner it got its name. Although in some tourist brochures, this mansion, called the house of Makoveckogo. The fact that in the years 1897-1904 lived and worked here Dushan Petrovich Makovitsky, the Slovak nationalist and the personal physician of the famous Russian classic writer Leo Tolstoy. Interestingly, researchers do not know where to 1897, the time of delivery Babysavage house in operation, dwelt Makovicky. A native of Ružomberok, Makovicky was in Zilina are very popular, as it treated the poor patients free of cost and for the money to buy their necessary medicines. In the years 1905-1919 Babusikova in the house lived the Czech physician and humanist, doctor of medical Sciences Ivan Pebbles with the family. He held the position of practitioner and worked at Makovitskogo. About stay Babusikova the house of Dusan Makovitskogo says the memorial plaque, which is located on the front of the building.

In early 1919, when Zilina was temporarily the capital of Slovakia, in the apartment of Ivan Galeka settled the doctor on vavro Srobar, former Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Now in this tidy two-storey mansion on the corner of Battosai and shaft Mining are the Regional cultural centre and the Regional Observatory. The local cultural centre organizes various entertainment events, exhibitions, lectures, seminars and theatrical performances. The Observatory also often arrange excursions. Therefore, to examine Babuskov the house from the inside will be very simple.