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Badinskiy forest

Outside the southern outskirts of banská Bystrica, you suddenly find yourself in a dark Badinskiy the old forest, which is currently recognized as a protected area.

National Park badinskiy old forest was founded in 1913, so it is one of the oldest in Slovakia. Protected area has increased several times. On the territory of 30 hectares under protection of the state are relict forests, consisting of beech, fir trees and other deciduous and coniferous trees. Through it flows badinskiy stream. The local climate is ideal for unique elm, which for several hundred years.

In 2000 to look at them came the crown Prince of the UK Charles. High-ranking guest was held on a nature trail designed for visitors to the reserve. It covers all the corners of the forest. And there are many. In the South-Western part of the forest the trail passes by the frozen lava flows that took a bizarre form. Stone walls, columns, ledges are the perfect backdrop to lush greenery. On Badinskiy the Creek is the namesake waterfall, which because of its scenic beauty is popular with tourists.

In the reserve there are about 140 species of plants, including herbs (ferns, anemones, nettle, buttercups, horsetail, sedge, etc.), and shrubs (BlackBerry, raspberry). Rich and fauna of the forest Badinskiy. There are a lot of insects, amphibians, reptiles. The forest is a great place for nesting of various species of birds. Ornithologists and lovers of birds come here to bird watching in the natural environment of their existence. There is also the mammals, the largest of which are the brown bear and wolf.