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Agaete is one of the resort towns of Gran Canaria. At the time, like most Canarian resorts are not particularly distinguished from each other, Agaete stands out is the fact that here is the biggest festival on the island, which attracts up to 100 thousand spectators. Growing the only European grade coffee. The town was one of the highest in Spain levels of unemployment.

Tourists can explore in Agaete several historic attractions such as Church of Iglesia de La concepción in the historic center - it was built in the 16th century on the site of a modest chapel and laid the Foundation for the city's main square Plaza de La concepción and several streets. In the mid-19th century after a terrible fire, the Church building had to be rebuilt.

Agaete is also notable for its green areas - garden Huerto de Las Flores Park Tamadaba. The first is a typical Botanical garden in the city centre with a variety of exotic plants here loved to meet and to relax the famous Canarian poets, tomás Morales, Saulo Toron and Alonso Quesada. And Tamadaba natural Park, located in the highest part of Agaete, famed for the biggest pine forest in Gran Canaria.

Pleasant may be a walk around Puerto de Las Nieves, the coastal area of the city with a small chapel, which houses a triptych of the 16th century, "virgin Mary of the snow," attributed to the Flemish painter van Cleve. Here you can see the Dedo de Dios (Finger of God) is a distinctive rock protruding from the sea.

Agaete is one of the few resorts of Gran Canaria with a wide variety of beaches, although most of them are difficult. The most popular beach - Playa de Las Nieves, mostly rocky, with a warm sea and several riverside restaurants and shops. Aside Aldea the beach of Playa de Guayedra black sand - before it is not easy to get to and he often greets bathers by the wind. Next to him are the beaches of Playa de Sotavento, Playa de Fanerok and Playa de El Risco. And on the border with the municipality haldar lies the rocky beach of Playa del Juncal.

In the center of agüimes is located in the heart of Puerto de Las Nieves with a large number of shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and shopping centers. In the same city near the Plaza de La concepción you can find a casino, cultural center, city hall and the library.