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Agüimes is a resort in the Eastern part of the island of Gran Canaria in the province of Las Palmas. A city with a population of 30 thousand people is located 5 km from the coast and 26 km South from the island's capital, Las Palmas. In recent years, Agüimes is experiencing a heyday: in the former tomato plantations were established industrial cluster, which spawned new jobs and manufacturing.

Agüimes has not always been a popular tourist resort, but after the ancient city centre, has been carefully restored, he turned into a beautiful example of a traditional Canarian hill town. Streets in the old town with their relaxed atmosphere and successfully installed monuments and sculptures along with ancient monuments is what attracts tourists. The stone parish Church of San Sebastian, its appearance resembles the Cathedral and its facade is considered one of the finest examples of neoclassical architecture in the Canary Islands. In 1981, the year the Church was declared a national monument. In the Plaza de San Anton is an international centre of Agüimes, where tourists can explore the architectural, artistic and historical heritage of the city. And nature lovers should go to the Park Temisas, from which views of the mountain landscape, rock El Rock Agueiro and the largest olive grove in the Canary Islands with a chapel of the 18th century San Miguel.

Plan for the development of rural tourism in Aguimes led to the creation of in the area of the small visitor centres, the largest of which is the center in the gorge Guidice. In this deep gorge that divides the island into two parts, there are many cave dwellings, some having hundreds of years and even a whole village of Cueva Bermeja built right into the body of the hill - it is still inhabited and can boast the cave Church of San Bartolome Apostol, cave bar and cave restaurants.

Another interesting attraction of Aguimes mountain is montaña de Agüimes with petroglyphs and cave dwellings. The highlight of these places is the village of Morro del Cuervo with its unique collection of petroglyphs.

No less popular in Agüimes and various sports, especially Windsurfing and scuba diving in Pozo Izquierdo international Windsurfing centre where throughout the year different competitions. And the main area for diving in Gran Canaria is located in the El cabron marine reserve near the town of Arinaga. Here divers can explore underwater caves and volcanic reefs with an incredibly rich variety of marine flora and fauna.

The main beach of Agüimes is Playa de Vargas and near the town are the beaches of Playa de Arinaga and Playa de Balos - despite the fact that in the summer months they are blown by the trade winds, these beaches are very popular among tourists. Those who like entertainment can go to the "crocodile Park" - a small zoo with trained crocodiles and parrots.