Aria is a town on the island of Lanzarote, the northernmost and at the same time the Eastern municipality of the Canary Islands. On three sides it is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and to the South it borders with the municipality of Teguise. The total area of the municipality is 106 sq. km., and live on them only about 5 thousand people.

The story goes that once Aria was the second in population city of the island after Teguise, but in 1586, the year here was raided by Algerian pirates who plundered the city, stole cattle and burned all the palm trees. Managed to survive a little, and the glory of the city has gradually left in the past.

The Western part of the Aria, mostly mountainous, there are many viewpoints "Mirador", which offers spectacular views. The most famous and popular tourist Mirador del Rio, located at an altitude of 475 meters on the cliff Bateria del Rio. This place was equipped in 1974 year, the local artist Cesar Manrique and includes a cafe and gift shop and a building with two spacious rooms with huge Windows that allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean and the island of La Graciosa. In the past here watched the secret arrival on the island ships.

The South-Eastern part of the municipality of Aria - the more flat she used for agriculture. Here you can find a few small resorts with beaches. And the North-Eastern part is almost uninhabited, about three thousand years ago was covered by lava after the eruption of the volcano montaña Corona. The eruption on the island formed the so-called "jameos" - long tunnels in the lava flow, two of which were later turned into popular tourist attractions Cueva de Los Verdes and Jameos del Aqua. The cave Cuevas de Los Verdes, which stretches for 6 km by land and another 1.5 km under water is within the natural Park of "Malpais de La Corona". In the 1960-ies two kilometers of cave passages have been equipped for tourists - lighting system was installed and built a small concert hall for 500 spectators.

Many experts on the Canary Islands acknowledge that Aria is very different from the rest of the island of Lanzarote. Known as the "Valley of the thousand palm trees" because of the vast number of palm trees, giving coolness, she can offer visitors samples of traditional architecture with stone walls and wooden balconies, to meet friendly locals and to give a touch to the incredible scenery. Aria attraction is the cactus Garden, located in an abandoned quarry. Downtown - shaded Plaza león and Castillo with the churches San Juan and La encarnación de Aria.