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Arucas is a city in the North of Gran Canaria, attracting tourists with monuments of history and architecture. Once the entire island was divided into 10 kingdoms, Arucas was one of them. The indigenous inhabitants - the Guanches - tilled land, grazed cattle, grew corn and barley. They lived in caves in the surrounding hills, and many of these caves have survived to the present day, and some of them are still inhabited and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Interestingly, the location of the cave for the Guanches was an important indicator, the higher on the hill she was, the richer was its owner. The king held the largest cave on top of a hill.

Arucas was rebuilt in 1480, the year after a couple of years before it was razed to the ground. Since the 15th century and until the present day locals grow sugar cane and rum made - long before sugar plantations appeared in Cuba. The rum factory and today is one of the attractions of the city.

An important monument of architecture of Arucas is the Church of San Juan Bautista, built in the last decade on the site of an ancient chapel. It is remarkable not only for its external appearance, but also stored inside treasures of paintings and sculptures.

Interesting main square Arucas Plaza de Constitucion with the old City Hall, bearing traces of cannon shot during the Civil war in Spain. The trail from Cannonball serves the residents a reminder that we need to live in the world. Near the square is located the house-Museum of Gore. The rear part of the square is a beautiful Park with exotic plants and trees from around the world ranging from Chinese bamboo and ending with the Hawaiian crops. Finally, you should definitely visit the Marquez garden with pond, variety of shrubs, flowers, vast Drakensberg trees and wandering among them peacocks. From there you can go to the oldest on Gran Canaria the salt works.

To the North-East from Arucas is the montaña de Arucas is an extinct volcano that tourists climb for the views from the top of the types. Here you can see the North coast of Gran Canaria, the island capital of Las Palmas and the mountains in the centre of the island. At the foot of the mountain has a small restaurant.