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The Atlantic centre of modern art

The Atlantic centre of modern art, known by the acronym CAAM, is one of the famous museums of the island of Gran Canaria, located in the capital Las Palmas. The Museum boasts a luxurious collection of works by Canarian artists of the 1930s-1940s, the years relevant to the school from Lujan city Perez. In General, the center is devoted to the creative process of the 20th century, focusing on the historical avant-garde and contemporary art demonstrations. A so-called "tricontinental" - dialogue between Europe, Africa and America allows visitors to see works of art from Africa and Latin America.

CAAM center was built in 1989 year and has established itself as a creative platform for meetings between artists and the Museum of modern art for the distribution of creative ideas in society. Since then, every year there are exhibitions, seminars, various courses and thematic meetings, covering the Atlantic cultures. The center is located on the street of Los Balcones in the old town of Vegueta and a mansion with an area of almost a thousand sq. m. two-Storey building with a loft and main facade of the 18th century in perfect harmony with the historical landscape of Las Palmas. Inside you can find three exhibition halls, a library with an information center, classrooms and offices, a repository of works of art, as well as a restaurant, a café and a shop. In addition to the three exhibition halls, designed to accommodate works of art in small format, such as photos or design projects, there is also an extension suitable for larger forms. It is called San Antonio Abad and was inaugurated in 1999. A large part of it held exhibitions devoted to the works of Canarian artists.

Among the most popular exhibitions organized by the Atlantic centre of modern art - "Surrealism between the Old and the New world", "Modern Russian art", "Africa today," "Natural history", "Voices from overseas", "the cube. 20th century", "Light and shadow in Las Palmas", "Mesoamerica", etc.