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Basilica de La Candelaria

Basilica de La Candelaria is a Roman Catholic minor Basilica in Candelaria on Tenerife, the first in the Canary Islands a temple dedicated to the virgin Mary. Located 20 km South from the island's capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Basilica built by the architect Jose Enrique Marrero Regalado and included in the list of cultural monuments of the Canary Islands.

In 1390, the year of Candelaria was a lonely place, where sometimes the shepherds of the people, the Guanches, the indigenous inhabitants of the archipelago. One day two shepherds noticed that their goats headed to the gorge on the coast, and followed them. There, on the rocks, they found the statue of the virgin Mary of Candelaria, later declared the patroness of the Canary Islands. First, the statue was carried to the cave, Tinguaro, which was a kind of Royal Palace of aboriginal people, and a century later was moved to Cueva de Abanico, where she became the object of worship. The Guanches believed that this statue Caserecci their chief female deity, but Christians explained to them that it is a Black Madonna virgin Mary of Candelaria. Soon near the cave was built a small chapel, the cave served as a cemetery for Christians. In 1596, the year the first chapel on the Islands received the title of Royal. At the end of the 18th century, the chapel burned down, and in its place construction began on the Basilica, but its completion was postponed several times for various reasons. Only in the mid-20th century, work was resumed, and they were joined by architect Jose Enrique Marrero Regalado. The solemn ceremony of consecration of the new temple took place in February 1959. Today, Candelaria is the place of pilgrimage of the Canary Islands and one of the most important in Spain. Every year the Basilica attracts more than 2.5 million people, and the building of the temple can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 thousand people.

Attraction, Basilica de La Candelaria are the frescoes depicting angels and local saints, worshiping the virgin Mary. In the chapel Capilla del Sagrario next to the sacristy is preserved the image of "the last Supper" the work of josé Cultural, and behind the main altar, in a small room, you can see the wooden statue of the Black Madonna.