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Breña Alta

Breña Alta is a small municipality on the island of La Palma to the village of San Pedro in the center. The eponymous Church on the main square of the village is decorated with numerous statues of saints and notable lovely garden. Only on the territory of 31 sq. km. scattered seven villages - San Pedro, Boteco, BUENAVISTA, La Cuesta, Las LEDAS, El Llanito and Miranda. These lands were cultivated after the conquest of the Canary Islands by the Spanish and inhabited by a small number of rich families of Castile. Aristocrats and bourgeois settled in the capital, La Palma, and here they built themselves a summer residence, attracted by the mild climate and proximity to the coast. Here they grow grapes, cereals, fruit and tobacco - and today, in Brena Alta, you can see how to manually make the famous cigars "LaPalma". Tobacco, fruits and vegetables and to this day constitute an important article of local income.

Breña Alta is renowned for, including a man-made monuments of history and natural beauty. For example, a small Hermitage on the mountain of La Concepcion, built in the 16th century, despite external modesty, inside it is decorated with numerous works by local artists. On the road to San Isidro, by the side of the Las LEDAS, is a recreational area Pared Vieja, surrounded by a pine forest - a favorite vacation spot among the locals. Here you can visit the Cueva del Diablo and enjoy a picnic amidst lush exotic vegetation. Here you can find Los Dragos Gemelos - two trees, which according to legend turned two brothers who died of love for an enchanted girl.

Fans of Souvenirs should go to the centre "Centro de La Artesania Carniceria", and families with children will love a visit to the Park "Maropack" with 300 exotic animals living among the rocks, waterfalls, bridges and lush vegetation. In Los Cancajos and Bajamar beaches, the latter especially popular among the residents of Santa Cruz. In addition, Breña Alta is quite popular among Hiking - many well-marked trails you can get to viewpoints such as La Concepcion and La Cumbre on the mountain montaña de La Breña with views of the Eastern part of the island of La Palma. And on top of the mountain ridge of the Barranco de Juan Mayor stands the wonderful monastery of Chister, famous for its confectionery.