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Breña Baja

Breña Baja in pre-Hispanic times, together with the neighbouring municipalities of Breña Alta and Santa Cruz de La Palma was part of the same territory known as Tedata. The Spaniards did not stop rocky terrain, and they turned the land into a major agricultural region. Only in 1634, the year of Breña Alta and Breña Baja divided their arable land, becoming different municipalities, while preserving common traditions.

Breña Baja is situated on 15 km-long slope extending from peak Birigoyo (1808 meters n.m.) to the coast of the island of La Palma, where the sea forms the bays of La Ballena, Charco Lino and Piedra Menuda. Part of the local landscape are the remains of volcanic eruptions of the ancient volcano was Zumacal and setting of montaña La Breña and Montana Pavona. Only on the area of 15 sq. km. scattered a few villages - San Jose, San Antonio, El Socorro, La Polvadera, El Fuerte, La montaña and Los Cancajos. Between these settlements are connected by a large number of Hiking trails that will allow tourists to enjoy the natural beauty.

San Jose is the largest village of Mud Bach, is divided into two parts by the gorge of the Barranco Margavio. Here you can see the Church of the 17th century with the unique bell tower and a new Church was built in 1973 year, the sculpture mother with child at City hall and the old house on the outskirts of the village, including the manor Fierro Torres and Santa Cruz's 18th-century grape press, a well and several greenhouses. Another monument of San josé is a restored house from the 19th century, known as La Carniceria and turned into a local center for sale of traditional Souvenirs. In addition to Souvenirs you can buy sweets, honey, garlic sauce, wine and world-famous tobacco.

Los Cancajos is located off the coast and is the Eastern tourist resort of La Palma. Its striking coastline is formed of black volcanic rocks jutting into the ocean. Two local beaches - Varadero and Playa Nueva with their black sand and calm waters attract holidaymakers and diving enthusiasts. On the way to Los Cancajos you can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding area, and the city should explore Las Salinas - the salt factory of the 18th century.

Local natural attraction - a mountain of montaña La Breña is a volcanic cone, round whose silhouette is visible from different points of the island. At a height of 565 meters is an observation deck with spectacular views, and at the foot of the mountain is the camping. Another viewpoint is Mirador de La Cumbre - can be found on the mountain montaña de La Venta, at an altitude of 1300 meters.

Finally, nature lovers will love a walk along El Tonelero going to El Socorro with his skit of the 17th century, with thick crenellated walls. The monastery was built by a local farmer in gratitude for the help in difficult circumstances and dedicated to the virgin del Socorro.