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Valverde is the capital of the only island of the Canary Islands, which has no outlet to the sea. This city on the island of El Hierro is situated among the windy mountain ridges facing the Atlantic ocean, and its low white houses is not so much picturesque as the flowers overgrown estates of the other island capitals. But when the wind blows the clouds become visible surrounding lovely valley, and on rare clear days, right out of the city centre you can see the top of Tenerife's El Teide and La Gomera.

Valverde cultural and commercial centre of El Hierro, with several bars and restaurants, a small cinema and a lovely main square, Plaza Quintero Nunez with the Church of Nuestra Señora de La concepción. The Church dates from 1767, and is notable for its bell tower surrounded by a railing from the upper level, which serves as the observation deck. There is also a Museum of the history of the island. And on Calle Armas Martel is a small but interesting Ethnographic Museum dedicated to local culture. From Valverde's easy to get into tourist resorts Tamaduste with its volcanic craters and La Caleta.

Interesting sight Valverde is a tree El Garoe planted in 1949 year, the place of the sacred tree of the aborigines of the island, which in turn was broken by a hurricane in 1610, the year. Legend has it that once the tree began to emit water, providing it the islanders and their cattle. Near El Garaa is a small visitor center and several Hiking trails lead to the springs with fresh water.

Near Valverde is the main cultural centre of the island, the ecomuseum, Guinea, consisting of two centers. A visit to Casas de Guinea includes a fascinating walk through the volcanic cave and the survey of 20 historic houses and Lagartero is a sanctuary and breeding centre of lizards, where you can see about a dozen of these reptiles.

Will also be interesting to visit the cultural centre El Hulan, introduces visitors to the ancient petroglyphs of the island of El Hierro, left representatives of aboriginal culture "bimbaches".