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Automobile Museum of Salamanca

Automobile Museum of Salamanca was opened to the public in October 2002, the year as an exhibition, research and reference center dedicated to the history of the automotive industry. At the opening of the country's first automobile Museum was attended by the king and Queen of Spain.

The core of the Museum's collection was the collection of Gomez-Plane with nearly two hundred mechanisms and thousands of parts, accessories and other items related to cars. Later the collection was supplemented by exhibits transferred to private individuals, companies and institutions. The Museum also boasts of an outstanding bibliographic files.

Automobile Museum of Salamanca was created on the most advanced technologies and standards, as in contrast to other museums, it focuses on the demonstration of the aesthetic evolution of cars. The permanent exhibition presents more than 90 machines, which allow visitors to trace the evolution of the design of self-propelled machines from the first attempts of mechanization in the 1st century BC to the present day and beyond, thanks to the presence in the Museum prototype cars of the future. Among the most valuable exhibits of the Museum - a three-Wheeler Benz, considered the first ever car with an internal combustion engine, the famous FordT, which gave rise to the serial automotive industry, and, of course, a Formula 1 car.

With this car the Museum is a place not just a simple demonstration of exhibits - throughout the year there are temporary exhibitions, thematic conferences and workshops, and the Museum's collection are exhibited in other cities of Spain and Europe.

Among the various events held at the Museum year round, of particular importance are educational projects for schoolchildren. The purpose of these projects is to arrange a meeting with the motoring world with its future users, and also to acquaint children with national automotive heritage and to convey to them the importance of safety on the roads. Students can further explore the device different cars, literally looking under the hood.