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In the North-East of Spain, near the French border, is situated the area the amazing beauty of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Picturesque high mountains, clear rivers and green forests coexist here with extraordinary cozy towns filled with magical local Spanish flavour. One of the most beautiful places in the Aragonese Pyrenees - a small village of Aguero.

Town Aguero is situated on the hill, at the foot of the rocky massif of unusual shapes, which he owes to the natural conditions of the area, frequent winds and rains. Cliffs of gray Sandstone have a special reddish tint due to the content in the species of metals. At the entrance to Aguero offers spectacular views of the village and this extraordinary rock. From the top of the cliff offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

The town itself is Aguero is a vintage and very cozy. The narrow streets meander between old stone buildings with red-tiled roofs, tranquil atmosphere conducive to rest and pure mountain air is exhilarating.

The main attraction of the town is the ancient Church, dedicated to St. James. The Church was built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style. Despite the fact that the Church was restored several times, many elements of the building retained its original appearance. The facade of the Church is adorned with a decorative sculpted friezes of biblical scenes. The main portal is decorated with sculptural compositions on the themes of the adoration of the Magi and the dance of Salome. Unfortunately, the author of these sculptures is unknown.