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Aínsa is a small village situated in the Autonomous community of Aragon, belonging to the province of Huesca. Aínsa is located in the Pyrenees, and occupies a small area between two picturesque rivers Cinca and Ara.

Aínsa is one of the oldest settlements in Spain - it is part of the Sobrarbe region, which over thousand years ago existed as an independent County. Aínsa is not only of historical interest - this place has a special beauty and special flavor. Beautiful mountain air and gorgeous nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, great local food and friendly minded residents are constantly attracting to Ince and leisure travelers.

The most interesting place is the Central, historical part of the city with her amazing, well-preserved ancient architecture, narrow streets decorated with flowers, cozy restaurants and cafes. This part of Ainsa declared a national treasure.

Well preserved stone walls surrounding the city, which offers magnificent views of the mountains and green valleys. The town has preserved many architectural and historical monuments, which returns us back to the middle Ages. Notable among them is the ancient Church of the 11th century, Romanesque style and dedicated to St. Mary. Beautifully preserved facades of the houses the Casa Arnal from the 16th century, and the Casa Bielsa built in 16-17 centuries. In the North-Eastern part of Ainsa located protective fortress, construction of which was begun in the 11th century.

Aínsa is surrounded by three natural parks, which offer visitors a variety of recreational activities and entertainment.