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The Cavalry Academy

Valladolid is a city of military glory of Spain, famous for many historically important battles. No wonder it is the Military Academy (Cavalry Academy). Founded the Academy in 1852 and was originally located in a building used as a prison. The building in which the Academy is located today, was built in 1920. It is located in front of a beautiful Park of Campo Grande in the square of Valladolid. Lush and magnificent building looks more like a pompous Palace than a military Academy. The facades of the building, built in power Renaissance, is decorated with bas-reliefs, turrets, cornices tracery. Tower rectangular shape topped with graceful spires. Opposite the main entrance is a sculpture depicting horsemen with banners, which was created by the sculptor Benlliure and installed there on 25 June 1931.

Here in 1930 the Museum of the Academy of Cavalry. Today the Museum is rightly considered one of the best museums of military history and is a true interest of all lovers of military science and the history of Spain. The Museum presents a unique collection of weapons used at different times by the troops of Spanish cavalry - sabers, knives and different pistols, shotguns. Here you can also see military photos, uniforms, cavalry, flags, saddles and more. In addition, the Museum presents the collection of paintings, sculpture and an amazing collection of miniatures depicting scenes of military action.