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Aquarium Of Zaragoza

Aquarium of Zaragoza is the biggest river aquarium in Europe, where an area of 3,400 sq. m. inhabited by freshwater species from around the world. The aquarium occupies the space where took place the international Exhibition "Zaragoza 2008", and within its walls you can meet the inhabitants of the five major world rivers - the Nile, Mekong, Amazon, Ebro (Spain) and darling-Murray (Australia). Typically, a visit of the aquarium takes approximately two hours, during which you can learn a lot of new and interesting facts about the inhabitants of the rivers of the world, including anacondas, piranhas, otters, crocodiles, the condition of river ecosystems and that each of us can do to preserve natural heritage. Especially interesting here will be the children, which regularly host theater performances, educational workshops, themed tours and other entertainment.

In the centre of the aquarium of Zaragoza is a huge pool called "River world", which is inhabited by fish and animals from all the world's rivers, and around it is located the pools on certain rivers in the world - one of the most prominent river of the continent. Each pool can be found an information Board with information about the flora and fauna of the river, and the area is decorated accordingly, so that visitors can afford to feel the atmosphere of different parts of the world.

The pool on the African Nile, in the first place is notable for the huge crocodiles of Egypt, which even bring here the offspring, which is rare for these amphibians when they are held in captivity. Asian Mekong river is presented in two different ecosystems through which it flows, - the rocky mountains and rice plantations. And the famous Amazon attracts visitors that dedicated to her in the pool you can see the real piranhas, poisonous snakes and bloodthirsty in the Cayman Islands. No less interesting is the area dedicated to Australian the darling river and the Spanish river Ebro.