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Aviation Museum

The aviation Museum is located near the city of linköping, the air force base Malmen, where in 1912 the Baron Karl Sidestream founded his flying school. Today training at the Royal Swedish aviation school happens on trainer aircraft Saab 105 (SK 60). Along with the army Museum in Stockholm Aviation Museum is part of the national Association of the Museum of military history.

The Museum's collection includes aircraft, engines, instruments and uniforms. The Museum has its own research centre with a library and archives containing books, periodicals, plans, photographs and personal files relating to aviation.

The Museum exists since 1984. Initially it was a Museum dedicated to the squadron F3 Malmslätt, opened and marked the beginning of the state Museum in Malone, the cradle of Swedish aviation. In 1989, the Museum underwent an additional expansion: there was a second exhibition hall, enabling it to put more exhibits. In 2010, the Museum has carried out restoration work, and it was considerably increased in size. Today the exhibitions are divided into sections: Pioneers of aviation (description of early developments in Swedish aviation history in the period 1910-1926.); Between the wars (section dedicated to the creation of the Swedish air force and early development of the Swedish aviation industry in the period 1926-1939.); world war II (the growth of the Swedish air force and the first SAAB in the period 1939-1945); Aviation technology; Sweden during the cold war (exhibition of machines made for war during the period 1950-1980). In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the gallery often hosts temporary exhibitions and various special events.