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Admiral Church

Admiral Church is located in the South-Eastern part of the island, the wire ropes in Karlskrona. She since 1998 is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

This temple, founded in 1685, is the largest wooden sacral building in Sweden. It can accommodate up to 4 thousand people at a time.

Outside the Church is painted in a discreet red, traditional Swedish buildings. Its design resembles a Greek cross. The interior of the temple is made in different shades of blue. In contrast to the finery of the Baroque churches, is dominated by the typical Protestant Sweden simple and austere decoration. The main altar of the temple was completed in the first half of the nineteenth century.

The name of the architect of the Admiral's Church, also known as the Church Ulrica Pia, is unknown. Some researchers believe that they were quartermaster-General Erik Dahlberg.

Next to the Church, in the Park Amiralitetskyrkan, is the historic bell tower, whose bells synchronized with the Admiral's bells of the Church, established in 1699.

In front of the Church from late 1700-ies of the wooden figure of a beggar Rosenbaum. Fans of the tales of Selma lagerlöf about the adventures of Nils with wild geese, of course, remember this character. This sculpture is a copy. The original from 1956 is in the Church. Rosenbaum is a poor boatswain, who asks alms. Coins should be dipped in a special box. For this you just have to tip your hat of Rosenbom. All the collected money goes to charity.