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The Botanical garden of Gothenburg

Botanical garden of Gothenburg is one of the leading and largest Botanical gardens in Europe. Its construction was carried out at the initiative of the city Council on the generous donations of citizens. The opening of the Botanical garden in 1923, was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of göteborg. Until 2001, the garden was owned by the city, however, were then passed into the possession of the region of västra.

The main contribution to the creation of the garden has made a prominent botanist Charles Scottsburg, who made several research trips around the world to procure samples of rare plants.

The total area of the Botanical garden is 175 hectares, most of which is occupied by protected areas, including the arboretum. The area of the actual garden that is constantly cultivated, is about 40 hectares and it grows to 16,000 different species of plants. Among them, the important scientific significance of the collection of bulbous and Alpine plants and trees of the temperate latitudes.

Garden of stones is the owner of two stars, according to the Green Michelin guide. Other attractions are the Botanical gardens, which are definitely worth a look: the valley of rhododendrons, a Japanese garden and the greenhouses with about 4,000 various plants (including about 1500 species of orchids).

In 2003 the Botanical garden of Gothenburg was named the most beautiful garden in Sweden, and a number of its employees were awarded national and international distinctions. Today the Gothenburg Botanical garden is one of the main attractions of the country and receives about 500,000 visitors a year.