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Vaxholm fortress

Vaxholm fortress, also known as the Vaxholm castle is envisaged the old fortifications, located on the island of Laxholmen the Stockholm archipelago.

The history of the fortress begins in early 16th century with the construction of a fairly simple wooden post in 1549, then in 1604 there were erected new fortifications. In 1612, the defenders managed to repulse the attack of the Danes, and in 1719 the army of the Russian Empire failed to capture Axholme and to get to Stockholm. However, in the 1870s the focus of the defense shifted from Vaxholm fortress to the Strait, where, in 1876, erected a new Fort Oscar-Fredriksborg.

In 1833 it was a complete reconstruction of the Vaxholm fortress, in which it gained its modern shape. Since 1935, Vaxholm fortress was awarded the status of national monument, it came under the management of the State property management.

A Museum about the more than five hundred years history of the fortress, was originally opened in 1947 at Fort Oscar-Fredriksborg and moved to Vaxholm citadel in 1964. In 2003, the Museum was completely renovated. In addition to an open air exhibition the Museum has thirty rooms and halls in the Western part of the fortress. Visitors have the opportunity to see Vaxholm fortress as it was in 1854, you can watch a movie about the history of the fortress, and, moreover, have the opportunity to enter one of the age-old cellars of the citadel and see what they looked like in the old days. You can also visit the commandant of the fortress or visit the artillery post of the coastal defence during the Second world war.