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Great mounds of Uppsala

In the vicinity of Old Uppsala is an amazing place, which is called the Great barrows. Low hills, covered with turf, and does not produce a strong impression. There was a time before the 1830's, when local scientists believe that these hills are of natural origin. In fact, in the excavations it turned out that they were created manually in V-VI centuries on the ashes of the rulers of the tribe of svealand.

Many mounds about 800. The largest burial is now called the Eastern, Middle and Western mound. The Swedes themselves have long been assured that here lie the Scandinavian gods Thor, Odin and Freyr. Then some time was the popular version that here found his solace, the kings of the family of Ynglings.

During studies of the Eastern mound, funded by the Swedish Royal house, was discovered the capacity with the burnt bones. No wonder - the rulers in ancient Scandinavia, and accordingly, Sweden, it was customary to burn all valuable assets. Next to the burial were the remains of a bronze plate, which consisted of a helmet of king, a few cups of crystal, gold ornaments that were sewn on belt, and other important historical artifacts.

26 years after the excavations of the East mound, in 1873, began archaeological investigations of the West hill. In addition to burned human remains, there were found the skeletons of animals, weapons and uniforms. Average mound has not been opened and remains so in our time. He's still waiting to be explored.