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Waterfall Ristafallen

One of the largest waterfalls in Sweden called Ristafallen. It is located in the Western Swedish province of Jämtland, on the river Indalsalven, 17 km from Auray. It can be reached by road E14. Many tourists hoping to see the waterfall Ristafallen can only stay for a few days in a comfortable campsite, which is located on the banks of the river near the waterfall.

The waterfall is located on a hill with a height of 355 meters above sea level and separated by land, covered with forest, in two parts - North and South. It so happened that the Northern part of the waterfall Ristafallen not visible from the South Bank of the river, and Vice versa. The section of the river where the waterfall has the shape of a giant amphitheatre. The width of the waterfall is 50 meters. Mass of water with speed, depending on the season, from 100 to 400 cub. m/s falling from a small height of 14 meters. Above and below you can often see fishermen who catch trout and grayling.

Due to the special humid microclimate near the waterfall can be detected a peculiar ecosystem, which is under state protection. There are several types of lichens, but in the surrounding forests there are unique representatives of the Northern flora and fauna. Nature has never been subjected to human impact.

From the waterfall Restfully on the North Bank of the river into the forest is a path along which you can walk to the sources of oława. It is assumed that these springs of drinking water discovered in the middle ages, pilgrims EN route to the tomb of St. Olav in Norwegian now Nidaros (Trondheim).

Waterfall Ristafallen we can see in the Swedish movie "Ronia, the robber's daughter", a film based on the novel by Astrid Lindgren.