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Waterfall Tanforan

Tanforan waterfall located near the village of Duved and 22 km West of the resort, is the largest waterfall of Sweden. Its total height is 38 meters and the water drop height is 32 meters. Level the amount of water in Tanforan highly dependent on the season. Usually, the water flow reaches its peak in the second half of may: 200 - 400 cubic meters of water per second. Record the flow of water was recorded during the spring flood of 1995 - 800 cubic meters of water per second. In the 20th century for consideration more than once put forward the idea of using a waterfall to generate electricity, but every time a powerful public opinion Tanforan saved from exploitation.

The area around Tanforan no less interesting than the waterfall itself. Due to high and constant humidity, here you can find exclusive kinds of plants and animals. Two of the most unique group of this region is the mosses and lichens, and a group of the Rove (a type of beetle). Group of oceanic lichens in Tanforan, forms whole plant community. Feature representatives of this community is not only the fact that they grow on solid wood, which is normal for members of this class, but also that they grow on trees. Today around the waterfall was discovered 21 species of endangered arboreal lichens, which are not found in any other corner of Europe.

Everyone can get in located under the waterfall cave from February to April. And not far from the waterfall is the sculpture Park of ice and snow.