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Naval Museum

The naval Museum is located on the island Stumholmen in Karlskrona. It is dedicated to the Swedish naval defense and talks about the naval history of the country, rich in events. Naval Museum Karlsruhe is a branch of the National Maritime Museum, which also includes the Maritime Museum and the Museum ship "Vasa" in Stockholm.

Actually, the story of this Museum begins in the distant 1752 when king Adolf Frederick began to collect and classify items related to the marine business, and models of ships. The considerable collection he posted in Modelcompare. From 1953 to 1997, the exhibition of the naval Museum occupied a former barracks which were outside the port. Until 1963 it was known as the shipyard Museum. In June 1997, the Museum is located on the island Stumholmen in the centre of Karlskrona.

The Museum is located on the pier, which also is part of it. Around the pier there are several Museum ships. A specially created underwater tunnel of glass allows you to see the debris of the several wrecks of the seventeenth century.

The gems of the collection of the naval Museum are models of ships, made by the sculptor Tornstrom, who worked at the shipyard of Karlskrona in 1700-ies. Also here are stored the rich archives of the Royal Navy. They contain about 4 thousand maps and drawings related to the history of the Navy of Sweden. There are also faded by time photos.

In June 2014 the Museum opened a new division. From now on, visitors can explore the original submarine called "Neptune" with a displacement of 1,050 tons.