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Eastern bridge

The longest in Sweden, the bridge is built of stone, is located in Karlstad. He laid across the river Klarälven and currently connects the Central areas of the city - Norrstrand, known for its Church and the West cemetery and Haga, which is a cluster of high-rise buildings, the first floors of which are occupied by shops and restaurants. During the construction of the bridge these areas have not yet been. The bridge was built on the outskirts of Karlstad and was intended to cross the river.

The Eastern bridge was started in 1761. It was built of solid granite, which could withstand the water pressure during floods, often occurring in the spring. The building across the river with a length of 168 metres with 12 arches, was inaugurated in 1797, the Swedish king Gustav IV Adolf. However, by this time the bridge had not been completed. It was finished only in 1811. The bridge project was developed by the superintendent Karl Johan Kronstedt.

Local legend has it that the locals did not want the appearance of the bridge so that at night all dismantled, the builders were able to do for the day.

The construction of the bridge became the reason of a considerable shoaling of the Eastern branch of the river Klarälven. After some time, because of this after the bridge came the Isle Gubbhyllan.

Extensive repair work East of the bridge took place in 1900-ies. Its last significant reconstruction took place in 1956. Then paid great attention to the repair of the bridge abutments.

The East bridge is open only for public transport. Also it can easily move cyclists and pedestrians. Latest happy to throw off the bridge coin again to return to Sweden.