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The Gothenburg Opera

The building of the Gothenburg Opera is relatively new: construction started in September 1989 and was completed fairly quickly, largely due to the large budget (more than 6 000 investors). The official opening was held in 1994.

The Gothenburg Opera is theatre with its magnificent halls, designed in the classical style, and unique technical equipment. That's a pretty big building: a 160 meters long and 85 meters wide, total area is 28 700 square meters. Area alone the main stage is 500 square meters and it is equipped with four movable platforms, each of which can withstand weight up to 15 tons, and, moreover, can be lowered by 7 meters. Auditorium is designed for 1301 place, the orchestra pit for 100 musicians. At the theater put not only Opera, but ballet, and musicals and operetta.

Architect Jan Iskowitz during construction of the building took as a basis the principle of airiness and lightness. The external form of the Gothenburg Opera harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings: the magnificent landscape with an abundance of light and space, technical facilities of the harbour, bridges, gracefully overhanging the water, strength, softness and elegance of the ships and the flawless aerodynamic shape of the sail. Jan Iskowitz wanted the enchanting and magical world of Opera is reflected in the architecture of the colonnade as a symbolic curtain of the tower as a giant lighting, form and color of the hall as a tribute to tradition.