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Mount Ã…reskutan

The town of Auray, in the province of Jämtland, in Central Sweden, you can find the mountain åreskutan, which rises 1420 meters above sea level at 1048 m above the surface of the lake åre. The name of the mountain was from the old Norse word for "peak" or "tip". According to local legend, in ancient times lived on Areskutan the giantess Ruth, who feuded with their neighbors, the giants Atom and Pattom. Ruth began to throw at their enemies with stones and emerged victorious from this battle.

Mountain åreskutan in the summer is covered with green carpet. It is famous for the fact that on its slopes grow rare species of plants, such as orchids. Also here, like to gnedovets different birds. To be, walking trails.

Almost one hundred percent humidity on top of the mountain was the reason that in winter åreskutan turns into ice and snow Kingdom. On the mountain, tourists usually raises cableway in winter due to strong wind and snowfall is covered with ice, and often, time stops. On top of the mountain is a restaurant "Metrologist", whose Windows offer a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

At the foot of the Ã…reskutan is the largest ski area in Sweden. There all visitors can travel by train. Area for skiing is located on the southern slope of Ã…reskutan. Trails of varying difficulty levels and multiple lifts that deliver skiers to the place of descent, to ensure the popularity of the database among tourists.