/ / Anatomical Museum: photos, description (Anatomisches Museum)

Anatomical Museum: photos, description (Anatomisches Museum)

The anatomical Museum was founded in 1924 by Carl Gustav Jung, as part of the Department of the medical faculty of the oldest Swiss University city of Basel. The Museum presents an interesting anatomical exhibits, a renovated modern methods, such as the skeleton, prepared by Andreas Thesalem in 1543.

The Museum has a large collection of historically valuable and unique exhibits, which played an important role in the development of anatomical science. Permanent exhibitions and temporary displays to serve visitors of the Museum, as well as medical students, conductors in a fascinating journey through the human body.

The exhibits in the Museum systematized in such a way that the transition from one to the other, you can explore the work of many systems of the human body. For example, the exhibits of the section "the System of blood vessels located near the heart patterns and the models of the section "the human Nervous system with the brain. Articulated model, to explore his own, provide an opportunity to consider and understand the working principles of the human body. Also since 1850, the Museum features a collection of wax models.

The Museum is among the 40 museums and other cultural institutions in the city, participating in the action "Night of museums", held in Basel each year.