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Basel zoo

The Basel zoo is located right in the city centre is 12 hectares of magnificent parkland. Animals in it you can see the rather because they want to seem, and not because the cages are arranged so that the animals all the time was in sight. This is done on purpose in order to stimulate the imagination of visitors, so they stayed longer and got more pleasant experience which will be remembered for years to come.

All the necessary information about the zoo can be found on the boards the common entrance and entrances to each area. For example, the zoo has a special area where you can see young animals, and on the notice Board at the entrance to the posted information about whom can be seen at this day.

A visit to the Basel zoo is an unforgettable experience in any weather and time of year. In the spring there you can see how nature wakes up, are born and grow young animals that the children can take a closer look in a special section of the zoo. On a hot summer day under the shade of spreading trees can be long to watch elephants and study the closest relatives of primates, winter - dive into the world of the mysterious coral reef or the Amazon river in a heated vivarium, enjoy interactive exposure in the cages for the lions.

In the zoo are allowed to shoot photo and video cameras in all areas and rooms except those where there is a notice about a ban on shooting. The cages are arranged in such a way that you can make great close-up shots, while fences not to spoil the frame.