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The biological Museum of Lucerne

The biological Museum of Lucerne is an amazing place where you can learn the natural history literally to the touch. The history of the Museum leads of the Kunstkammer and already his collection was pretty interesting. Now presented in the exhibition and the remains of ancient animals and mannequins of our ancestors and even the "Dragon stone", the origin of which the story tells us: it is nothing but a frozen fiery saliva of a dragon living on the mountain Pilatus.

Forget everything you knew about dusty and boring paleontological museums. Here in Luzern the history of the ancient world - a real journey into Jurassic Park, where visitors will find dinosaurs and other giant reptiles. Another permanent exhibition - "Biology" - talks about Swiss flora and fauna and here you can see many of the living representatives of the latter - in terrariums and aquariums. And for lovers of the air - exhibition "the wonderful world of insects".

If you are traveling with children, the Biological Museum, you have to dedicate at least a couple of hours - that's barely enough to get around all the halls and touch all the exhibits and see at least a few documents on the origin of life on earth, shot like a fascinating movie.

The Museum is located square Kasernenplatz. It is easy to walk from the station along the quays Royce (South beach), the walk takes about 10 minutes. Landmark - the bridge Spreuerbrucke (the second covered wooden bridge from the lake). The biological Museum is adjacent to the white building of the Historical Museum, which is easily recognizable by the fresco on the facade.