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Botanical garden of the University

Botanical garden at the University of Basel, a walk which brings a lot of pleasure, founded in 1589 and is the oldest in the world. It belongs to the Botanical Department of the University and is adjacent to its territory.

The Botanical garden is open all year. It consists of outdoor areas, where there are several such sections, grove, rock garden, areas for ferns, plants of the Mediterranean countries and other greenhouses used for keeping tropical plants, water lilies, succulents, and cold greenhouses, where cold sensitive plants that are in the course of a year change their location in the garden. It is possible to see many interesting and eye-catching plants, even those that are considered endangered.

At the Botanical garden hosts group excursions for adults and a separate program for children. For the convenience of visitors there are several cafes and places to stay, a bookstore where, besides books, you can purchase postcards and posters.