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Bourbaki-Panorama is a giant painting of 1881, illustrating the impressive event of history: it shows the French Eastern army under General Bourbaki in the transition to Switzerland during the German-French war of 1870-71 years. Picture-panorama made so skillfully that the impression of three-dimensionality of the image.

Bourbaki-Panorama is an exceptional example of panoramic art of the 19th century. It transports its viewers into the world of war and army life, however, its aim is not the glorification of military heroism and victorious battles. It demonstrates the negative side, the tragedy of human destinies, military disasters, and, above all, care for the sick and others. This is the only panorama of the time, carries such a non-standard sense.

This panorama is an example of the entertainment culture of the 19th century, the era before the invention of cinema. The people of the 18th and 19th century was passionately fond of optical illusions. Panorama is one of the most popular rides of the time. Their goal - to force to think over a particular situation or event. Hundreds of large round paintings were drawn and sent to different countries to encourage more visitors and attendees. Panoramas can also be called the first mass medium. To date, survived only about 15 panoramas, made in the 19th century. Bourbaki-Panorama is one of them.