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Top tower

Top the tower stands on the edge of Aarau and is considered its main attraction. In height it reaches 62 meters and consists of 10 floors, two lower of which are under ground and was equipped much later, after 1820 was filled the city moat.

When exactly was it built, still have not managed to find out, but assume that it happened simultaneously with the appearance of the city in the middle of the XIII century. The original height of the tower was much smaller than modern sizes, according to historians in the period XV-XVI centuries it was built, and later it appeared in tin wreath. In 1531, on the tower clock was installed, and you can tell from 1580 the building did not change its appearance, except that in 1753 the tower the bell tower was covered with copper plates.

Directly at the tower are the city gates, the first written mention of which refers to 1359. They have not changed since its construction, only in 1928 the city authorities was the decision to expand the passage, that through him could pass motorized transport.

Externally the tower consists of two parts - a wider bottom and narrow top. The lower five floors of the tower served as in former times a prison, the ninth is a clock mechanism. In the tenth until 1876 was the apartment of the tower guard and the attic is arranged in the bell tower from 11 bells. Directly under the ceiling hung two bells cast in the XIV-XV centuries.