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The ancient theatre

In side has remains of a Roman theatre which could seat nearly 20 thousand spectators. It was built in the middle of the II century ad, the building has elements that set it apart from other theatres built before. It is built not as the Greeks — on the hillside, and in the Roman style — on flat ground, the seat stay on the vaulted arches, the arch on the Foundation. The audience entering through the cloisters and up into your number of stairs. The stage and the arches were decorated with statues and tiles. All that remains today is masks of Tragedy and Comedy, broken head Jellyfish scattered around the stage.

In Roman times it was the place of gladiators with wild animals and mock naval battles for which the stage was filled with water. For security purposes around the stage the wall was built with a height of 1.5 m. In the V-VI centuries, the theatre became a Christian Church.

Near the theater in a semicircular building is an ancient public toilet for 24 places with sewage.