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Arched gate

Side was once one of the most important ports of Pamphylia. It was founded by Greek colonists from Eality in the VII century BC. Later, side was ruled by the Persians, Lycians, Seleucids, the rulers of Pergamum and Rome, and Alexander the Great. In II-III centuries of our era the city grew rich on trade in slaves, especially pretty girls. This period is a stage of prosperity side. The most interesting and beautiful monuments were created in side, when the city was under the rule of the Roman Empire. Here you can still feel the power of the Roman era and the greatness of its rulers.

The high side begins at the city gates, which were erected in the year 71 BC, as a sign of respect to the Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus. Vespasian led the city for seventy years, from 9 по79 ad. Sculptural portrait of the Emperor is kept in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

The height of the arch of the gate is greater than six meters, they are considered to be the main gate of the city. Over the years the outside of the gate is much changed and now they look differently, but the walls remained still. Their appearance quite interesting and original, however, at the present time to assess this very difficult - the gate was quite badly damaged. Despite its dilapidated state gates continues to amaze visitors with its grandeur and originality.

The main gate of the city located between the two towers. The sides of the gate, on the walls there are niches with arches, in which were formerly statues of the nobles and Emperor. If you pass the gate, you can see a huge ancient square and enjoy the view of beautiful fountain "Nymphaeum".

Arch gate located in the Northern part of the city and lead into the historic quarter. The road from the gate is the main street of the old town.