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Marmaris is located on the site of the ancient city of Physkos. On its territory, as in many cities of Turkey, the old town has been preserved almost intact. This city was ruled by the representatives of many civilizations: carency, the Minoans, radosti, Assyrians, Egyptians, Ionians, Dorians, Macedonians, Syrians, Persians, Romans and Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. In Physkos it is possible to detect traces of all these great peoples. Today the town occupies only the top of the hill in the Northern part of Marmaris. This place is known as the archaeological center of Asartepe.

Here is the ancient Acropolis, approximately two kilometers North of the current Bay. Still on site archaeological excavations, the findings of which reveal to the world new and new sites. Nowadays here you can see the ruins of the old walls, from which little has survived. There is a perception that residents Viscosa were forced to destroy the city instead of giving it to Alexander the great. But the main attraction of Asartepe can be called the remains of the ancient fortress, founded by Greeks three thousand years BC.

After sunset Viscosa in the second century BC, the foundations of buildings and Asartepe the stones were dismantled for the construction of new buildings in other places, or was used as ballast for ships.

In these places since then much has happened: the city many times conquered, destroyed, and again rebuilt, but the remains of the fortress give us information about past events. Today there is a Museum where you can explore the traditional dwelling of the Turks, to visit the exhibition of paintings and explore the amphorae of antiquity. In addition, there is a beautiful courtyard, the so-called living part of the Museum, where in a luxurious garden walk beautiful peacocks.